Struggling Hospitality Businesses

Investments should generate a profit.

Let us diagnose and cure your struggling business.

Haazo Management is the surgeon recommended for ailing hospitality assets. We specialize in full service hotels and resorts that are languishing between peaks and valleys in their financial health. Our first plan of action is to remove the ailing asset that is running a marathon on a treadmill. Our foremost objective in this operative surgery is to protect the owners’ equity. Rather than prescribe a Tylenol as a remedy, our plan of action is to run diagnostics on the physical asset, the current marketing strategy and the evaluation of expenses. Our goal is that the ailing asset is revived back to health financially with a new fervor and zest, making it a win-win situation for the asset, the owner and the operator.

If you have already given your business your best shot, can see its potential but don’t know how to bring it back to health, stop doing more of what is not working.

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Services for Struggling Hospitality Businesses:

Diagnosing problem areas

Reviving ailing assets

Protecting owners equity

Infusing fervor and zest into the asset, management team and finances