Underpotential Performers In Hospitality

You have an asset with great potential and decent returns.

Except you don’t really want to run it.

Underperforming assets are usually those assets that are similar to a hot potato in one’s hands. Lenders or owners of these assets are unwillingly put in a position of responsibility that they would rather not be in. These assets are not really struggling yet, but their financial returns are gradually declining. The reasons are varied-someone inherited a healthy asset they have no interest in running, the owners have other priorities which command their attention or the asset is simply located in a place inconvenient for the owner. All this asset needs is some TLC to stay healthy or return its full potential.

Haazo jumps in as the emergency help to stop this downward spiral and nurture the asset so that it can be retained as a healthy investment or sold for the full value of the asset. We believe that our strategy, if fully implemented, produces the best financial outcome for the holder of the hot potato. If a control strategy is not implemented, it’s just a matter of time when the hot potato falls out of the hands and the investment is lost forever.

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Services for Underpotential Performers:

Stopping the downward spiral of finances

Asset nurturing to retain or improve health

Corrective strategy implementation for full value sale