A unique collaboration of partners in hospitality, technology and sophisticated capital. This consortium is collating and transforming a network of marina-based hospitality experiences into world-class travel experiences for boaters and terrestrial travelers alike. We are redefining the 21st century marina hospitality experience.

Marinas Management:

Our aim is to create a nationally recognized portfolio of nautically anchored hospitality assets and standalone marinas that will attract repeat business and be the obvious first choice for new customers.

Haazo Marinas benefits from the exceptional hospitality management experience of Hotels and resorts. Whereas most marina owners are not hotel managers, and similarly, most hotel managers do not understand marinas, we see tremendous benefits and synergies by combining the two disciplines into an integrated management platform, bringing the same guest-centric customer service of a hotelier to the docks while the customer traffic from the marinas will help to support a more extensive amenity base than a boutique resort hotel might otherwise offer.

Our team provides the expert support to organizations need to managements.

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Mail: sales@haazoinc.com