A vacation ownership program allows your guests a unique way to enjoy your property for years to come. A successful program will lend both profitability and long-term sustainability to resort operations. If this is a program you are considering, allow our seasoned professionals to guide you along the way. Sound financial management, facility maintenance and administration means your vacation investment will realize its full potential. GetAways prides itself on owner advocacy, operational efficiency, and building relationships.


Converting To A Timeshare Property:

  • Property assessment and analysis
  • Conversion feasibility studies
  • Location analysis
  • Capital acquisition
  • State document compliance

Timeshare Program Management:

  • Training & staff retention
  • Tour generation
  • Sales presentation materials
  • Special promotions
  • Exchange program management
  • Contract Processing
  • Owner & guest relation programs
  • Quality assurance program
  • Financing Resources
  • State reporting compliance
  • Association Management

Our team provides the expert support to organizations need to managements.

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