About Haazo Management

Exceeding the Financial Objectives of Ownership for Over 25 Years.

At Haazo, we have an outstanding ability to effectively identify opportunities, develop focus and provide tactical business solutions. Haazoinc

High performance success is not an accident. It is a result of sharp business acumen, industry training, quality experience, due diligence and above all an outstanding attitude. While there is no magic formula that fits every situation, you can peek a little into our process here.
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Our Services

Property Management & Investment Consulting

Hotels Resorts Apartments & All Hospitality Income Properties

International Property Investor

You Need a Friend, Guide & Expert for Investment Across the Globe.

Whether you want an American property management company or help in another country. Haazo Management has the expertise, resources & knowledge to help you.

We specialize in property management of American & international assets , especially full service hotels & resorts. Learn more about Haazo & our great success stories.

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New Property Investor

Don’t Let Lack of Experience Teach You Expensive Lessons.

If you have recently bought or are thinking of buying investment property, Haazo will provide complete investment property management for you.

As an experienced hospitality consulting firm. we can also help evaluate the income property for sale that you are considering for purchase. We are one of the top commercial property management companies.

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Struggling Hospitality Business

Investment Should Generate a Profit

Before you put up your hotel for sale or a struggling investment property for sale , contact Haazo. Haazo Management is the surgeon recommended for ailing hospitality assets.

We specialize in full service hotels and resorts that are languishing between peaks and valleys in their financial health.

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Underpotential Performers in Hospitality

You Have an Asset With Great Potential & Decent Returns.

Haazo offers professional, planned property management. We are an outstanding hotel management, resort management and apartment property management company.

One of the top property management companies in the US, Haazo excels in hospitality solutions for underperforming assets.

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Case Studies
Success Stories

Read About Our Notable Success in 250+ Suite Businesses.

Haazo has been associated with many notable success stories of 250+ suite hospitality businesses. Results in these stories include:

  • Year over Year profitability
  • Steady stream of new corporate accounts
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Higher sale price than book value
  • Turnaround of operating shortfall
  • Strong relationships with union and management teams
  • More than 60% increase in revenue
  • Achieving nearly 100% occupancy rates in targeted asset sections.

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