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Kitsap County has a definite target to reduce energy use and save taxpayer dollars. The goals is to reduce energy consumption by 30% by the year 2020. There is a concentrated effort to improve energy efficiency everywhere in the community. A formal plan was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners in October 2011.

This simply highlights good energy practices that make excellent business sense for hotel property management in Kitsap County. As a company that manages hotel, resort, restaurant and other hospitality properties, we care about energy management goals in Kitsap County.

Haazo supports the Energy Conservation Policy and can also contribute to this goal by reducing energy use, water use and waste generation. We can retrofit buildings and partner with several Better Building partners to ensure lower energy and water bills. Energy efficient property management in Kitsap County also means being aware of and using any funding available for such efforts, which in turn impacts the ROI for all energy efforts for the property owner.

The county is committed to 860,000 square feet for reduction in energy usage. If you have a hotel, resort or restaurant property for management in Kitsap county and you need help with these energy targets, Haazo can help with these goals.

Contact Haazo for more details on energy consumption reduction and property management in Kitsap County.

Property Management Kitsap County

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