Shahab Taj at Haazo was engaged at this 237-room full service hotel as GM from 1998 to 2007 to enhance and sustain profitability over an extended period. He advanced a corporate culture change, as the asset’s owners desired a more responsive, forward-thinking management team that demonstrated unparalleled commitment to the guests and employees. As a Haazo consultant, he ultimately positioned the property for a highly lucrative sale.

  • Strategically guided operations to deliver record year over year profitability.
  • Fostered connections with nearly 15 largest business concerns in the local market, facilitated talks with the hotel’s Director of Sales, and thereby funneled a steady stream of new corporate accounts.
  • Placed a sharp, new focus on employee retention, and engaged in heavy employee relations to virtually eliminate turnover and cultivate long-term commitment among the hotel’s top performers.
  • Directed a series of capital improvement initiatives, in particular a multi-million renovation, and delivered a 28% cost savings on that project alone.
  • Increased the value of the asset, based on profit levels for the prior 10 years, such that the owners received and accepted an offer to sell at several million dollars over book value.

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